In this release System Administrator functionality and streamlined adding of Candidates have been added, Password reset, Candidate Report interface and output, notification details, error tracking and various interfaces have been improved, issues with Candidate status and image collection have been rectified and minor bugs resolved.


New Features

  • System administrator functionality added


  • Company and Questionnaire admins are not prompted for Candidate photos if they are collected as part of the Candidate response
  • Users can go back to the login page after clicking the Forgot Password link
  • Users can request a password reset from the user menu
  • The Candidate Report has been improved to reduce keystrokes and utilise default values
  • Assessment Notifications contain more information
  • PremoSystems users can initiate generation of Candidate Reports
  • Improved messaging to PremoSystems users
  • System error tracking has been standardised
  • Interface layout issues improved

Bug Fixes

  • Unusual behaviour when visit secured pages when not logged in have been rectified
  • Problems collecting and processing Candidate uploaded images have been rectified
  • Ambiguous reporting of completed and on-hold candidates rectified